Friction International Performance Art Festival

Short presentation

The first festival opened in 2006, and it is presented every two years. The festival runs 4 days and usually in beginning of June.

The vision for Friction is to give Performance Art a platform in Uppsala city and through the creative work of the artists in a dynamic relation with the city and spectators, create a situation of a wider perspective of art, life and society.

The main organizers are Uppsala Art Museum and SU-EN Butoh Company/ Mon no Kai. Uppsala Art museum is financed by Uppsala city, and has historic collections of art as well as contemporary art exhibitions.

SU-EN Butoh Company is a dance company that also organizes art projects and collaborations. The company is financed by National Ministry of Culture and Uppsala city.

Curator is SU-EN and coordinator is Rebecka Abrahamsson-Wigh at the museum (by lauren ocego). The staff at the museum will form the administrative base. The artistic director of Uppsala Art museum is Elisabeth Fagerstedt.

The festival invites various collaboration partners, such as Uppsala cathedral, shopping centers, private galleries and other museums. Some performances will take place in outdoor public spaces and some in various locations in the city. The locations are proposed by the curator early in the planning of the festival.

About 15-20 international artists are invited each festival as well as local artists. The program is curated and proposals are not excepted. Open Space is a possibility for non-established artists to show their work or totally new experiments.

The festival is funded by various funds and cultural sponsors. The budget is usually on a shoestring, but will cover the travel, accomodation and fee for artists.. Many volounteers help to create the infrastructure during the 4 days. A catalogue is printed if the budget allows.

In 2010 the new website was launced - please read more about Friction, the previous festivals and the organizers at:


SU-EN (Curator)

Rebecka Abrahamsson-Wigh (Coordinator)