copyright policy

SU-EN Butoh Company Copyright Policy
 November 2005

SU-EN is connected to BUS - "Bildkonst Upphovsratt i Sverige" - Artists Copyright in Sweden. The copyright policy is based on the decrees of BUS.

The policy includes all productions and projects made by SU-EN Butoh Company. This includes performances indoors and outdoors, solo performances and ensemble work, film productions, photografic collaborations, public and non-public workshop performances or training sessions.

SU-EN Butoh Company has the copyright for these productions, events, and activities. We do not allow our work to be reproduced in sketches, photography or film or video without a proper agreement.

Requests should be directed to Christel Törnros at the company office, by phone +46-(0)174-242 02 or mail The agreement shall preferably be in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.

As stated in ”Lagen om upphovsrätt” (the swedish copyright legislation) news broadcastings etc. are excepted from the copyright policy. Press images are free to use by the press.

Reproduced material can never be used in public or be manipulated without the consent of SU-EN Butoh Company.

An agreement can be set up between SU-EN Butoh Company and reproducers if the following terms are fulfilled:

If anything is unclear please contact
BUS phone +46-(0)8-54 55 33 83