press releases

Alla färger / All Colours (Svenska)
BLUSH (Svenska)
Luscious (Svenska)
Sprätt Hönskabaret
CRACKS (Svenska)
CRACKS (English)
Nytt Liv - Linné Gala Event 2007 (Svenska)
New Life - Linné Gala Event 2007 (English)
The Chicken Project - Instruction Video (Film)
» Become a chicken in your spare time!
Scrap Life (Film)
» A glamourous praise to the recycling process
» Self-cannibalism and beauty at the same time
Slice (Film)
» Beauty, brutality, fish guts and absurdity
Butoh - Body and the World (Book)
» The book by SU-EN, photographer Maja Sandberg
and writer Gilles Kennedy