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Scrap Life (Film)
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All images © SU-EN Butoh Company 2006

This film is a glamourous praise to the recycling process and the cycle of life. It takes place at a Scrap yard. Reflections in the metal dance around and tell us that there is a second life ahead for the hard bent material.

Absurd, full of subtle humour and beautiful images from the scrap yard, we see the workers and the dancers co-starring in this Scrap cabaret. Small scrap babies are born, getting older and later reach full bloom as a scrap queen.

The music is composed from sounds recorded at the scrap yard.

Duration 8:30 min

Idea and choreography: SU-EN
Idea and coordination of trucks: Robert Alm
Camera: Rickard Sporrong
Post production: Rickard Sporrong/Rrong Production
Music: Lee Berwick/Digidub
Costume and hair: SU-EN and the dancers
Dance: SU-EN with Caroline Lundblad, Anna Bralkowska, Lina Palmgren, Iryna Anufryieva, Varuneé Lundström

Workers and drivers from Skrotcentralen: Matte Melin, Peter Lidin, Roger Karlsson, Georgios Kehagias, Kjell Sköld and Robert Alm

A co-production with SVERIGES TELEVISION /Documentary and short film. Supported by The Arts Grants Committee, National Council for Cultural Affairs and Uppsala City Cultural Council

- Thanks to-
Silvestar Trevizan, Patrik Sporrong, the Alm family,
and all the workers at Skrotcentralen

Remember to recycle your garbage, you too!
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