Atomic Event
 2000 - 2001

Photography by Gunnar Stening SU-EN Butoh Company

Atomic Event is an ongoing collaboration project between SU-EN Butoh Company, The Svedberg Laboratory in Uppsala, composer Graham Lewis and computer artist Rickard Sporrong/Rrong Production.

In December 2000 the first event took place in the Blue Hall, a smaller room for specific research on particles. In November 2001 the second event took place in the Celcius ring -
the big accelerator.

Audiences were guided around the facilities in groups of 20 people and entered the performance space for 20 minutes.

The performance event contains dance by SU-EN butoh workshop project, original sound score and live mixing and inter active computer / video art. Each event lasted for approximately 4 hours and was therfore an experiment in itself. Approximately 250 people each year visited the The Svedberg Laboratory.

Sponsored by Dance in Uppland, Uppsala County Cultural Council
and Uppsala City Cultural Council