The Body Project

Anatomical Theater at
Museum Gustavianium

Uppsala, Sweden
August 2003

This choreographic event incorporated lectures by renowned professor Karin Johannisson, Uppsala University. Through our collaboration we investigated the areas of body and mind.

SU-EN Butoh Company with fellow artists staged a dissection in the Anatomical theatre in Uppsala - one of the oldest anatomical theatres in Europe. Here dissections were performed until 1766 in front of medicine students and paying audiences.

In this ongoing 3-hour public event, dance, performance, action, interactive sound and video together executed a dissection of the human body. Also a gutting and cutting of a fish took place, spreading the smell of the inside throughout the space.










Concept and choreography
Karin Johannisson
  Uppsala University
  SU-EN Butoh Company
  Hans T Sternudd
  Eva C Björkman
  Lee Berwick/DIGI DUB (UK)
  Silvio Trevizan (Hr)
  - and others

Photography Ingela Näslund
© SU-EN Butoh Company