Romeo & Juliet
The Chicken Project

Performed at Brush up your Shakespeare festival at Regina thetare Dec 4, 2007

Romeo and Juliet in a chicken house... in a world full of conflicts, love can still bloom and show us a way for a possible peaceful world.

The performance is part of The Chicken Project - a piece in chaos. Chicken ballet is mixed with chicken actions and music. The text is freely based on the original story by Shakespeare.

Idea, choreography, direction and text
Storyteller and song
  Annika Eliasson Frick
  Jan Johansson
Chicken keepers
Eva Björkman and SU-EN

Chicken participants
From SU-EN Butoh Company: Caroline Lundblad, Anna Bralkowska (Poland), Lina Palmgren, Frida Larsson, Iryna Anufryieva (Belarus) -  Workshop participants: Varunée Lundström, Marie Gavois, Tora Balslev Jespersen (Danmark), Simona Orinska (Latvia), Celine Smith (France / UK)

Parts from Sergei Prokofievs ballet Romeo and Julia, lute songs by John Downland

Construction of Chicken house
  Silvio Trevizan
Sound and light
  Erik Nordenstrand
Costume and hair
  SU-EN and the group
  Viola Germain

Duration 48 min

Representatives from Animal Right Group participated and gave out information.

The Chicken project is along term project including performances, actions and films to investigate the relation between human beings and animals. Se other Chicken events on our web!

Thanks to
Studiefrämjandet, ULB, Uppsala Riksteatern i Uppsala Län, Statens Kulturråd, Kulturnämnden Uppsala kommun and Reginateatern

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by Gunnar Stening 2007 

 Photography © Gunnar Stening 2007

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