The sound of angry frog

MAY 19-21 2000
Fylkingen, Stockholm

Long ago, a Chinese king was leading his troops to an important battle. He happened to notice a tiny frog puffed up to attack the huge intruders on his territory. Impressed by the frog’s fighting spirit, the king admonished his men to display similar determination in facing the enemy.

Dance by participants in the SU-EN
Butoh training project 1999-2000
Line Berg, Bettina Hwingel, Alexandra Kronqvist, Vera Knolle, Petra Vogt Tina Willgren, Anna Nilsson, Louise Lundström, Cordula Fichter

Concept and choreography
Spatial intervention
    Gunnar Stening
Mouse on Mars, Bertram Dhellemmes
    SU-EN and the ensemble
Light design
    Svante Wärnsberg & Unn Fahlström

    Mon no Kai / SU-EN Butoh Company

Duration 50 min

Color Photography © Gunnar Stening, Unn Fahlström and SU-EN Butoh Company

Photography © Martin Fromell and SU-EN Butoh Company