Celebrating 50 years of Kinjiki - forbidden colours by Tatsumi Hjikata


The fallen body
Finding sanctuary
Falling, falling
Loved by life

September 17 and 19, 2009
Main stage, Dansens Hus, Stockholm


All photography on this page: Gunnar Stening


Choreography: SU-EN
Music and interactive sound: Lee Berwick (UK)
Light design: Svante W Monie

Dance: SU-EN Butoh Company/SU-EN, Lina Palmgren, Frida Larsson, Marie Gavois
Luscious butoh project/Louise Varunée Lundström, Kajsa Wadhia, Tora Balslev, Gabriel Bohm Calles, Lina Samuelsson, Karin Ervelin

Song: Nuria Divi Sagre (USA/Spain)

Space: SU-EN
Costume, hair and make-up: SU-EN
Textile art details and the big tail: Joanna Bodzek (UK/Sweden/Poland)
Construction of costume and stage set by the ensemble at SU-EN Butoh Company studio, Haglund Skola, Almunge

Photo for posters and flyers: Made Surya D. (Indonesia)
Photo for press and dokumentation: Gunnar Stening

Announcement in honour of Kinjiki 50 year: Takashi Morishita (Japan) and Gilles Kennedy (UK/Sweden)

Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company
Duration: ca 75 min

Supported by: National Council for Cultural Affairs, Uppsala City Council for Cultural Affairs, The Swedish Arts Grants Committe

Thanks to: Charlotte Engelkes, Patrik Sporrong, Tobias Rydin,
Art Center/Keio Universitet in Tokyo, Skrotcentralen i Uppsala AB,
Anders Ronnlund, Dance Museum/Stockholm