R   A   P   T   U   R   E


Brutally beautiful new work with SU-EN Butoh Company
World premiere at Dansens Hus, October 20+22 2011

a creation song
sprung from the earth
radiating from the spine
at harvest time
the bitch is born wild
already lost in madness
she bites with the soul of a spider
she burns
she howls
singing the song of rapture

SU-EN investigates, chaos, extasy, rapture and joy. Sublime Japanese aesthetics in a body of brutal beauty. Rapture celebrates the dancing madness of the body.

Performance + Artist Talk with SU-EN moderated by
dance critic Gilles Kennedy (UK)


Choreography: SU-EN / Dance: SU-EN and Marie Gavois with Gabriel Bohm Calles, Anders Friberg, Jonas Klinkenberg (Germany) - Heiko Klandt (Germany/Belgium), Helena Kantinkoski (Finland/Sweden) - Anna Bergsten, Maria Lundström / Music and live performance: Aki Onda (Japan/US) / Stage art and art actions: Junichi Kakizaki (Japan) / Light: Johan Söderberg / Space: SU-EN / Costume, hair and body art: SU-EN / Production: Mon no Kai/SU-EN Butoh Company and Dansens Hus / Photo, visual preparations and layout: Gunnar H Stening / Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, Uppsala City Arts Council and The Swedish Arts Grants Committe

A  T R I B U T E   T O   A L L   T H E   S T U B B O R N
B I T C H E S   I N   T H E   W O R L D

Swedish butohpioneer and prize winning choreographer SU-EN takes a look at the dancing mania. Rapture is bliss, extasy, vivid madness. Inspired by tarantism from the rural Italy, in early times, where people who were bitten by tarantula spider was struck by a dancing mania to purify themselves.

B I T E  P O I S O N  C R I S E S  C U R E  R E CO V E R Y

Gunnar H Stening 2011