An ongoing duo between Frank van de Ven (NL) and SU-EN. Two highly differently dancing bodies engage in a prudent cross-fertilization.

Photography SU-EN/S PLUX  © Pat Zap and SU-EN Butoh Company

Introducing territorial engineering
by VLK - M (NL)

The Sibspace is an all man's daily life sacred space. Private and very open at the same time. Bare. Two human bodies exposed, like naked. Under the audience's microscope.

Here and (only) now.

Indifferent by nature, outside life is sometimes sensible. Available for unpredictable connections.

The Sibship project started in Germany at the Ex-it! symposium for European butoh in 1995 and has since then travelled to Ekeby Qvarn - Stockholm - Amsterdam - Prague - Buenos Aires - and Torneå, Finland.

Duration 42 min

Sponsored by Dutch Embassy in Stockholm - SverigeFinska Folkhögskolan - and Swedish Arts Council