- a visceral dissection

A solo by SU-EN collaboration with composer Lee Berwick/DIGI DUB and
video artist Rickard Sporrong. Performance premiered in April 2003.

Photography by Hans T. Sternudd and B.C. Rrong © SU-EN Butoh Company

This stark, uncompromising dance work incorporates beauty, brutality and absurdity through a joyride inside the body’s organs. It is an irritation on the skin, the outline of the body, dissecting the body through dance, video and sound.

Concept of SLICE

die whilst alive, dissection of the flesh
visceral desire commands and
an incision, one more 
the shape dissolves

breathing from the shoulder
and downwards
the dance of the ribs
the true face

devoured to the bone
a naked soldier, a slave of dissolving
unity and separation
disincarnation and secret fantasies

the insect is crushed by the light
an incision, one more
a visceral walk

Concept, choreography and dance
  Lee Berwick/DIGI DUB 
  Rickard Sporrong and SU-EN 
Space, costume
Light design
  Svante Wärnsberg
  Christian Figved
  Jens Carlsson 

SU-EN Butoh Company / Mon no Kai

SLICE has been performed at
Pusterviksteatern, Göteborg - Odense Performance festival - Dansstationen, Malmö - Kulturhuset, Kilen, Stockholm -
New York Butoh festival - Minsk Open Format Theatre festival

Photography below
© Spiteru 2005