Slice (The Film)
- a visceral dissection

Photography by Hans T. Sternudd and B.C. Rrong © SU-EN Butoh Company

SLICE is a fleshy video art project created by Swedish choreographer and butoh artist 
SU-EN in collaboraton with video artist Rickard Sporrong.

The two artists have aimed to present the body as a living organism, a body where the inside and the outside are mixed in with eachother, where movement and the living materials become one. 

The video production SLICE plays a main part in the SU-EN Butoh Company’s solo dance production with the same title which has been performed around the world.The sound track in the film and the stage performance is composed by Brittish composer Lee Berwick.

The film premiered at Uppsala Shortfilm festival 2003 and has been shown on various art and film festivals.

Uppsala Short Film Festival, 2003
The Anatomical Theatre, Uppsala, 2003
E.L.D, Stockholm,2004
Högriskfestivalen, Malmö, 2004
SEKT, Stockholm 2005
Ugly Films, Italy 2005
AB OVO, IMAF, Serbia 2005
Floroean Museum/FIFE, Romania 2005
Underground festival, London 2005

Concept and flesh
Camera and post-production
  Rickard Sporrong/Rrong Production
  Lee Berwick/Digidub
Graphic layout
  Patrik Sporrong
  SU-EN Butoh Company/Mon no Kai

Supported by
Arts Council Sweden, Konstnärsnämnden,
and Uppsala City Cultural Council

Duration: 8:30 min
Format available: Mini-DV, DvD and VHS. Stereo, PAL