- a journey to the source

A performance project 2000-2001
Fylkingen, Stockholm

Photography © Martin Fromell and SU-EN Butoh Company

Photography © SU-EN Butoh Company

The living body, measuring the river, returning to the source, against the current, in the turbulence, chopped bodies float around, dream monsters appear. It is a passage to the other side. The river is alive.

The sounds for the music have all been recorded from the river Thames, during a walk that Lee Berwick made to the source. The name "Thames" means Dark. The hindi word YATRA is a term for the spiritual journeys made by Sadhus often to the source of the Ganges.

Dance Tina Willgren, Line Berg, Alexandra Kronqvist, Anna Nilsson, Eugenio Brodbeck Neto, Sanja Tomsic, Eva Wiggström, Justin Collins and Helena Lambert

Concept and choreography
Concept and soundtrack
    Lee Berwick / DIGIDUB (UK)
    SU-EN and the ensemble
Spatial intervention
    Gunnar Stening
Light design
Jens Carlsson

Duration 90 min

Participants in the YATRA performance have been taking part in the year training program and comes from various backgrounds. The training program is offered as a serious experience of the butoh process with focus on the performing aspect.