The Chicken Project Instruction DVD!

The opportunity you have been waiting for!
How to become a chicken in your spare time!
The SU-EN Chicken Method is the ultimate way to Chickendom!

12 Euro or 120 SEK per copy
 Postage added - see below


The successful international chicken instructor SU-EN introduces you to the ultimate step-by-step method for becoming a chicken. In this systematic program participants study the constitution of the hen and are then guided into advanced applications, such as day-to-day behaviour to the final exam at the chicken farm.

50 minutes - PAL FORMAT - DVD-R+
Stereo sound - English subtitles
Training booklet included

Postage Rates (Economy class)
Europe 7 Euro - Rest of the World 9 Euro
- Sweden 30 SEK

Video cover Hans T Sternudd / Spoon graphics
SU-EN Butoh Company

Participants may use this program at their own risk. Life-style and eating habits may become affected for all time ...