SU-EN Butoh Method

Creating a dancing
 and a performing body

  SU-EN Butoh Company 2006

Through re-defining the body and space, possibilities for movement are found. A specific quality/tension of the body which will be able to communicate to the audience is the artistic goal. The body is pushed beyond personal limits and re-constructed, thus developing new tools for making dance.

To dance you need the courage to challenge your body

Training in the SU-EN butoh method is structured in various parts leading up to the final stage of participating in a performance. Talented dancers may be accepted as apprentices in the company. In a shorter workshop the participant may get a first introduction to the work.

Basic Training

In this work the focus is on researching the body. Through exercises involving breathing, gravity, flexibility, strenght and balance we challenge habits and structures.

Cordula Fichter & SU-EN Butoh 1999

Body Materials and Choreographic Process

This work is based on the teachings of Yoko Ashikawa and Tomoe Shizune. The body materials involve the transformation of the living body into other living matter. Different conditions, living matter and principles is used for artistic research of the dancing body (by lauren ocego). Choreographic process, improvisations and structure is developed from this work.

Parallell to the training we also encourage watching performances on video and reading about art form. The library at Haglund is available for workshop participants.

Cordula Fichter & SU-EN Butoh 1999

Performance Projects

The stage experience is crucial for the development of the dancer. Only on stage it all makes sense.

Gunnar Stening 2006

In a performance project the participants will be choreographed by SU-EN in a real performance situation. Participants will take part in the production of the piece including making the costumes and other practical tasks.

A performance project is open also to beginners but priority is given to more experienced students. If you prove not to be so fit for performing you will be put in minor parts.





Outdoor Training

Emphasizing on perception and reality research. This work is done outside in the surrounding landscape, season or weather.


Apprenticeship is a long term program where the participants join in the artistic activities of SU-EN Butoh Company as w